The Old/New Roundabout

Have you ever had a friend recommend something to you so emphatically that you believe they must be overselling it?  No?  So it’s just me then?  I will often refuse to watch, listen, or try whatever it is I am being referred to, and then in moments of pure boredom, or when the amount of people saying the same thing becomes too overwhelmingly magnified, I’ll finally give in and try whatever it is.

And almost every time, I find myself regretting having waited so long.  I then have to go back to that friend and, reluctantly humbled, allow them to tell me: I told you so.

But sometimes I don’t go to that friend, especially if there’s multiple or I forgot who recommended what.  It will inevitably come up in conversation at some point, though, because when I am excited about a “new find,” I often tell as many people as will listen.  I then get to hear, “I was the one who told you about them/it, and you didn’t believe me!”

So it goes round and round: your suggestions, my suggestions, their suggestions—unless you are the inventor and can 100% prove it, most things aren’t brand new.  And that’s fine; you can still “discover” your “new” favorite place, song, show, film, etc., and spread the joy and love around.


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