Where Has The Cure Been All My Life?

I’ve heard the whispers here and there: “The Cure is the best!”or “My favorite is The Cure.” and, “Sometimes I only listen to The Cure.”  Yet I was always puzzled by what kind of music it actually was.  Upon asking such people, I was simply told: “It’s amazing…indescribable!” by one, and “I listened to it in my emo/goth days,” by another.  Later they would say, “You know, they do that song, ‘Friday, I’m in Love’.”  Well, this utterly confused me.  How is that song emo or goth?

I was beginning to think that I was just misinformed, and that everyone else was just as confused as me.  Maybe no one really listened to it, but everyone was faking it to make it.

So the other day, when I finally decided to sit down and listen—after reading about yet another person who loves them—I was in utter shock.  I read a couple of articles first to determine which albums to start with, and then, just one song into Disintegration, and I was in love. (OK, I’ll admit I may be exaggerating slightly…but just trying to make my point.)  The rest of the album, as well as Pornography, didn’t disappoint either.  Now it’s all I want to listen to for a while, in order to make up for lost time.  (In my defense, maybe if streaming music for free had been more available when I was young, I would have tried it sooner.)

Now I must say that I’m sorry to anyone I doubted along the way.  However, in all fairness, I still say the band was misrepresented to me.  Also, why couldn’t anyone have turned it on for me, lent me a CD (as we did in the good ol’ days), or sent me a link?


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