Good Grammar Is So Hot Right Now

While I don’t understand why there are so many silly national “holidays” (seriously, do we really need a National Chocolate Day or a National Wine Day to give us an excuse to indulge?), I’m going to highlight one that I find particularly worth mentioning.  No, I’m not talking about “National Peanut Butter Lovers Day”, “National Pencil Day”, or even “National Cheese Doodle Day” (all in March, by the way, according to  This Friday, March 4, is National Grammar Day.  Which is important because we all should be using good grammar at work, at school, and any other time we want to remain seeming intelligent, and not lazy.

Designated in 2008, the National Grammar Day was established by Martha Brockenbrough, author of Things That Make Us [Sic] (2008) and founder of the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar. (Wikipedia)

So I encourage you to take at least a brief moment to acknowledge the role grammar plays in our lives, helping us to communicate and better understand each other.  And in case you don’t get overwhelmed enough with posts on the subject this week, here are some links I’ve curated for you.



and other miscellaneous fun stuff:

…plus some more reading about the day from other sites:

Happy Grammar Day!


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