Inner Peace, Please: My Top 15 List & Other Resources

For the past few weeks, every time I sat down to write, I have simply been at a loss for what to say. All I hear/see/read is politics—on Facebook, on Twitter, etc. However, writing has always been an outlet, an escape, for me, and since I believe entertainment and creativity are still needed—maybe even more now than before— I cannot give up blogging, no matter how unimportant it may feel in the moment. But, I have to admit, I am drained. The nation is divided. My Facebook wall is a giant ball of negativity and arguments.

So, one of my main goals this year is to find inner peace in the midst of it all. Yes, I will still stay alert, educated, and do my part. But I am also going to stay balanced and keep my love-and-peace personality alive and not let everything bog me down.

Below is a list of some of my ideas to help find/keep that said inner peace. It’s no doubt not new information and is definitely not a complete list, nor is it in any particular order. It is merely a reminder. Come, take a refresher course in peace with me.  Let’s find time in our hectic schedules to temporarily escape this chaotic life…unplug, unwind, or whatever you need to do to just be. Feel free to comment about your favorite remedy or peaceful activity.

  1. Yoga, meditation, or religious activities
  2. Pilates or exercise
  3. Crafts, creative hobbies
  4. Spending time with loved ones
  5. Enjoying pets—yours or other peoples’
  6. Being outside in nature
  7. Splurging a little on a favorite food (or the reverse: try doing a food cleanse)
  8. Music
  9. Get enough (or, gasp, even extra) sleep
  10. Completing Bucket List items
  11. Reconnecting (whether in person or by phone) with with an old friend
  12. Writing/journaling
  13. Limiting Internet use (or going on an Internet fast)
  14. Cleaning, or decluttering (no need to wait for Spring!)
  15. Participating in cultural activities (museums, theatre, etc.)

Also, here are some more specific lists:

40 Ways to Create Peace of Mind

12 Things You Can Do to Stay Calm and Peaceful

40 Ways to Achieve Peace of Mind and Inner Calm

9 Things You Can Do Today to Bring Peace and Calmness into Your Life

100 Things To Do For Improved Self-Care and Wellbeing


One Comment Add yours

  1. Fantastic list! I feel you–it gets to be a lot when every morning you’re bracing yourself as you sign onto social media or check on the news. I know for me, nature is particularly powerful for finding peace. It makes me feel like I” actually unplugged for a moment. Balance is going to be important more than ever and this is a fantastic list.


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